RetroMorphic™ Flip Text – Bringing a Retro Style to a Modern Audience

RetroMorphic™ Flip Text – Bringing a Retro Style to a Modern Audience

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If you want a retro look without the premium price tag, Alford has a solution for you. Our custom RetroMorphic™ Flip Text app lets a computer simulate the look and sound of an old-style split-flap (Solari) display on a digital display, complete with sound effects. Commonly known for being seen in airports or train stations, this attention-grabbing signage will be a unique addition to any live event. Use it on large flat screen displays in the lobby to update breakout locations, display agendas, or send the Twitter feed to the main screens in the general session during breaks. The app can even be used to post a Q&A or relay schedule changes; any place you want to display text in a unique manner, we have the technology to support you and help you realize your vision.

Features of the RetroMorphic™ Flip Text include:

RetroMorphic Flip Text
  • Variable column and row counts
  • Letters, numbers, and punctuation supported
  • Vertical or horizontal displays
  • 4K resolution
  • Instant mode or timed program
  • Create an interactive experience

For more information about the RetroMorphic™ Flip Text app, or to use it at your next event, contact your Alford Account Manager or contact

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