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“From the Audio Systems Engineer viewpoint, Riedel Mediornet was a great addition to the show, simply based on the number of cables and accessories that were eliminated.”

“I want Mediornet and Artist on every show!”

We were asked to create a communication/audio/video link for a very large venue between the general session and a separate location. The distance of cable used was around 1200’ to create that link. Historically, we would use several cases of copper, and would repower the signal multiple times over that run to get the audio feed from one end to the other. Add to that quality degradation and the potential to pick up interference on those copper lines, and you have a fairly cumbersome process for set up.

Riedel Mediornet

Regarding the communication portion, if we were to use our existing ClearCom inventory, we would have to use copper. On shows with a snake run of 300’ we fight interference and sound quality issues with ClearCom.
For the general session portion we had multiple challenges with the antennas for operating the system via WiFi, so we were forced to use a hardwired connection to control the PA. The audio world has migrated to digital, and much of it is built on an IP infrastructure. The downside to that are the distance limitations. The maximum length for these signals is 100M or about 325’. The way we extend this is to put a powered Cat5 switch in the middle to repower the signal. Putting these signals on a fiber cable allows for much more distance without any loss in quality or potential points of failure at the switches.

Due to these challenges, the decision was made to utilize five Riedel MediorNet frames to manage all data transfer. Along with MediorNet, an Artist64 intercom system was chosen to handle all hardwired intercoms. Audio, video, and lighting all benefited from integrating these systems on-site. One prerequisite called for two-way audio, video, and intercom from a separate location two exhibit halls away. Along with the HD-SDI cards for video, we utilized RockNet I/O for audio and 4-wire intercom transport. These video feeds were monitored in Comms Control via the built-in quad split capabilities of MediorNet.

Riedel Mediornet - Running Multiple ProgramsMediorNet helps save time during the load-in as well. For example, instead of multiple fiber and copper lines, we ran a 4-link 17Gb redundant fiber ring for the transport. Streams transported include three separate HD multi-views from video to FOH, and MA-Net2 from the 2 GrandMa consoles at FOH to the NPUs backstage, thus eliminating the need to run a snake and a network for control of the 161 Martin MLA speakers used. For the intercom side of things Riedel Artist and Performer was implemented for all wired communications and two Radio Active Designs UV-1G systems for wireless. Artist, Performer, and camera 4-wires were brought back to comms through MediorNet.

The advantage of using MediorNet throughout the show is its flexibility. With just a couple clicks of a mouse I can transport any incoming signal to any other port of the system or multiple ports, including embedded audio. Along these same lines, you can generate video test patterns, and audio test signals without the source being connected. We can verify destinations before video control sends their signals. Saying that this is a powerful tool is putting it mildly.

Gear Utilized

    • • 5 Riedel Mediornet Modular Nodes
    • • 1 Riedel Artist 64 Frame
    • • 1 Riedel C44 Plus
    • • 16 Riedel Panels
    • • 6 Riedel C3 belt packs
    • • 2 Radio Active Designs UV-1G VHF Wireless Intercom Systems


Media Transported

    • • 6 720p Video Streams from GS
    • • 1 720p Video Stream from Club Inbound
    • • 12 Riedel Panels
    • • 7 Analog 4 wire
    • • 2 1GigE control networks
    • • 1 Internally created quad split


Steve Ellis, Audio FOH/Systems Engineer
RF/Comms Technician – Alford Media Services, Inc.

Justin McClellan, RF/Comms Tech – Freelancer

Jim Carter, IT/Video Specialist – Alford Media Services, Inc.

Alford Media