Service Culture: A Definition

Service Culture: A Definition

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When we first began our journey to create the “Service Culture: A Definition” video we underestimated how large of a project we had taken on. It was not just any video, but a video that communicated to our clients and employees exactly who we are and what makes us different. This is no small task. However, when we completed the video and debuted the final product in front of our leadership team, we agreed and it was more than worth all of the blood, sweat and tears we put in to it.

It all started when we decided to sit down and define our core values. During this process, it became evident that customer service was what all of our values were built on. We know that customer service means different things to different people and that all of our client’s shows are unique. With that in mind, we identified the nine major values that define our service culture. They are Supreme Support, The Right Solutions, Challenges Welcome, Truly Trustworthy, Winning Differences, Exceptional but Humble, Total Respect,The Journey Matters and Be BURGUNDY. With our values identified and the basis of our service culture in place, we got to work on the video.

We called in an old friend and a big part of Alford history…Terry McCullough.  Terry’s was around at the very beginnings of Alford Media Services.  In fact, Steve Alford credits him and his writing team with our motto “When you Need a SHOW of Support.” His long-time writing partner, Jean Compton, wrote our original marketing brochure.  Terry even designed the original Alford logo back in the late 80’s.  We knew that Terry would be just the right person to come in and shoot the focus group portion of the video and Jean would be perfect to write the transitional elements of the video.

We had a few pre-production meetings to come up with the look and feel for the meeting and we built a set in our theater designed by Terry. We set everything up in our demo theater and then Terry and his team recorded a three camera shoot of the live focus group.  The raw footage, captured in full 1080 HD to KiPro drives, was logged by Terry and then he and Jean Compton, crafted an edit list and scripted graphics that provided a structure for the final video. Additional TMP crew members included skilled Producer / Line Producer Deirdre de Coverley, Gaffer and 2nd Unit Cameraman Pat Blackard and Dolly Grip / 3rd Unit Cameraman Jason Parker – all operating under the watchful eye of TMP Executive Producer Leslie McCullough.

Once we had finished the focus group record, a two man team consisting of Jon Reed and Rich Tate set out to shoot footage of Alford employees on show site and in the office expressing what our nine values meant to them.  With a Zoom mic and a Canon 5D Mark II, Jon and Rich were able to capture the unscripted, personal interpretations of our values by several Alford employees.  This is where the true heart of the video lies. Our people are our most important resource and without them, our values have no weight. What does Supreme Support mean to Mark Anderson? The answer is in the video, in his own words. What is Blake Taylor’s version of The Journey Matters? He tells you. If you ask Landy Estes what The Right Solutions means to him he has an answer that rings true for himself and for our clients.

After all of the video had been shot and all of the audio had been recorded, we got to work on putting the final video together.  Director of Creative Support, Rich Tate, worked on graphics and animation and was the editor. Terry McCullough gave a tremendous amount of creative input on the focus group edit and graphics and was instrumental in getting just the right talent for the narration.  Moving Light Technician Jon Reed provided the custom score and edited all of the audio.  We are very fortunate to have a group of people at Alford that are not just talented AV technicians but are as talented in other areas as well. This allowed us to primarily create the video in-house using our available technical and human resources.

The video is a labor of love and we are very proud of the end result. Whether you have worked with Alford for years or you are considering using us for the first time, we think the video demonstrates not only how we define great customer service but highlights our commitment to providing that BURGUNDY Show of Support that we are so proud of.


We hope you enjoy watching the video as much as we enjoyed making it.