The Benefits of 4K Laser Projectors

The Benefits of 4K Laser Projectors

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Projectors are a critical element of the events industry. They produce the powerful visuals that immerse attendees in the spirit of each event, share valuable information and play a major role in creating the atmosphere at each conference.

Alford is making the move to 4K laser projectors, devices that offer a number of advantages over older forms of these tools. While they provide a number of advantages that benefit our crews, the biggest benefits are ones passed along to the clients we work with. What makes 4K laser projectors so special?

4K Laser Projector

The power of 4K laser projectors
Most importantly these provide a better picture for audiences. 4K resolution is an incredible improvement over standard high definition. For a 16:9 ratio, 4K contains almost four times the pixels of HD. This means a clearer more detailed image. The higher pixel count also allows for closer viewing by the audience without loss in quality of the content on the screen.

The projector chosen by Alford, the Barco UDX-4K32, incorporates the general advantages of a laser with some additional and unique improvements that set these units apart. Adaptable brightness and resolution settings mean enhanced projection results for each show, often with a lower number of projectors needed. No matter the size or shape of a venue nor the lighting inside, these laser projectors create clearer, brighter and sharper imagery. An improved visible color spectrum is another important benefit, as is the Barco units’ constant light output functionality, which ensures consistency in projection and presents a polished final product.

The Barco UDX-4K32 also offers faster-processing speed, which enhances the picture seen by attendees. The single step processing format means less latency, which in turn creates sharper images. With projectors serving as a vital and foundational component of most events Alford produces, using the latest technology means giving our partners high-quality results at every turn.

There are more advantages to consider, too. Briefly, they are:
• The absence of lamps means no flicker and a better appearance time after time.
• Reduced heat and noise, increasing flexibility in terms of where projectors are placed.
• Improved start-up and shut-down timeframes, again improving ease and flexibility of use.

Using the most advanced technology available means the best results for our clients, both during the planning and set-up phases for each show as well as when it’s time to go live. Working with Alford means you get experienced and knowledgeable crews, the best technology available and a meticulously planned, highly polished final product.

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