The Benefits of Riedel MediorNet Modular Frame Systems

The Benefits of Riedel MediorNet Modular Frame Systems

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While Riedel MediorNet Modular frame systems are new to the live events industry in the U.S., you might have seen them at work before. These customizable, deeply configurable mainframes are used in situations ranging from motorsports like Formula 1 and the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto to ESPN’s X Games and the Red Bull Air Races. The Riedel MediorNet products are recognized for their high degree of adaptability and interchangeability, two advantages that are key when it comes to producing in the live events space.

Now, Alford Media Services is proud to be the first and only company to offer these capabilities in the live events space. The opportunity to use this powerful event technology at conferences and other live events is very attractive, but it’s only natural to have reservations about topics like price and functionality. Let’s take a look at the Riedel MediorNet Modular frame system and address some of those common reservations, so you can decide if this exciting event technology is right for you.

“Alford Media Services is the only company in the U.S. to offer Riedel MediorNet Modular frame systems for live events.”

Capabilities and Functionality

The interoperability of Riedel’s MediorNet Modular frame systems is one advantage that simply can not be overstated. Integration is a major feature which pays off in terms of handling a vast array of different signals. In fact, Riedel MediorNet is the only available fiber transport platform for signals including, but not limited to, multichannel video and SD, HD and HD-SDI, multichannel audio, camera control data, Ethernet and intercom data. Instead of several departments working simultaneously – and potentially causing issues with synchronization or encountering technical difficulties which can affect the entire event – a single source is used.

With one singular platform for managing signals in place, producers cut down on the need for redundant systems and the associated additional, unnecessary costs and increased potential for errors and problems. MediorNet takes the fiber transport concept that’s long been pushed into prominence by industry standards and makes it a singular system that incorporates all relevant signals and data. Both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint processing signals are possible and are processed internally.

Conference Event

Along with MediorNet’s ability to manage so many different signals within a single platform is another aspect of performance that provides major benefits in terms of stability and continued operations: numerous backups, reserve power sources, and a structure that keeps much of the show up and running even when one element stops working.

The system uses two power supplies along with a backup battery, which means your event will continue even in the face of a severe storm, technical issue with the facility or local utility, or many other potential problems. MediorNet’s independent, cyclical configuration keeps disruptions limited as a single fiber or node failing won’t affect the performance of the rest of the system. Additionally, all cards and modules used can be hot swapped, meaning changes on the fly are a simple task.

The physical components of the MediorNet system are also highly customizable – frames can be rack mounted in many different configurations for the most efficient approach to setup and cabling as well as addressing event-specific needs. Finally, all available nodes are used by the system during operation, which allows for real-time distribution and utilizes the largest amount of bandwidth possible.

Cost Considerations

Riedel MediorNet is not the cheapest option on the market. However, it’s a solution that offers unparalleled production capabilities at a competitive price – providing a significant value when compared to other, less advanced options. A cost structure comparable to simpler, more limited point-to-point multiplexing systems brings creative producers a real-time media network with extensive customizability, security in terms of functional continuity and other advantages to make an event as immersive and memorable as possible.

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