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Alford Media offers a variety of service options for webcasting events. When it comes to virtual events, we understand there are different needs and levels of service to make a show a success. With that in mind we have developed several different options to choose from. Below are a list of these options in detail and what you can expect with each one. Check the end of the page for an easy-to-read chart with all services and features included with each option.

“Zoom” Meetings – Web Conferencing Platform Consultations

We are all now familiar with a “Zoom” style meeting through services like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and others. These services provide the basics needed for remote meetings – some features include multiple presenters, shared graphics or presentations, and some collaborative tools. These services are great for internal meetings and remote events that don’t require presenter or graphics/presentation management. While most of these can be self-run, Alford can offer a consultation for best services to use based on the meeting’s needs, how to use them, and best practices for remote meetings with these platforms.

Zoom video conferencing

When you need more than a “Zoom” meeting for your event, but not quite a full production Alford Media has two great options to choose from, our Basic Webcast and Deluxe Webcast services. Both options provide technical support and show management, so you don’t have to worry about switching graphics, presenters, or any of the live streaming elements and can focus on the event itself.

Basic Webcast Services

Alford Media’s Basic Webcast service offers a step above the average Zoom meeting, including presenter management of up to 4 presenters, graphics and presentation management, and generation of live stream (RTMP). We provide one engineer to manage your event’s presenters and content remotely from one of our permanent control rooms.

This option is perfect for professional remote meetings that have 4 presenters or less in a session and for those who need support for switching graphics and presentations.

Pro Webcast Services

Alford Media’s Pro Webcast service offers more support for graphics, playback, and 2 additional presenters per session compared to our Basic package. Pro Webcast also includes backup graphics and playback. We provide 3 engineers to manage your event’s presenters and content remotely from one of our permanent control rooms.

This option is great for professional remote meetings that have up to 6 presenters per session, need playback, and more support for graphics and presentations.

Pro Webcast Service

Both the Basic and Pro Webcast services require all content be submitted a day prior to the event and do not allow for last minute changes.

Premium Webcast Services

Alford Media’s Premium Webcast option is a more flexible and robust service that provides at least five engineers and an Event Lead on your event to fully manage your production, whether that’s in our studio, on-site at a venue of your choosing, or completely remote and run through one of our control rooms.

In-Studio Rehearsal

Our Premium Webcast service offers everything our previous services do, but with more support, resources, and flexibility that allow you to create a full production event. This option provides:

  • Presenter management for up to 8 presenters per session with a virtual green room option for remote presenters and a dedicated Green Room ASM (Assistant Stage Manager). Our Green Room ASM will work with remote presenters to ensure the quality of their lighting, audio, and cameras so they can look and sound their best. *This includes 5 presenters on screen at the same time with multiple presenter spaces available in the green room. More presenters on screen and per session can be added with additional support.
  • Full graphics and presentation support including a Graphics & Content Specialist, Live Stream Video TD, and Video & Signal Engineer. Our Graphics & Content Specialist and Live Stream Video TD will work with you to ensure quality presentations, playback, and graphics. We also offer custom lower thirds and on-screen graphics and can make real-time changes on the fly as needed.
  • High quality audio and comms supported by an Audio & Comms Engineer. We provide full support and equipment to ensure quality audio for events and communication between you, your staff, and our team.
  • An Event Lead that will support your show from concept to reality and a Data/IT Lead to ensure network and streaming stability. Your Event Lead will manage logistics, staff, and scheduling for your rehearsals and event. The Data/IT Lead will monitor and maintain our redundant, fiber internet lines to manage bandwidth and maintain smooth streaming.

The Premium Webcast option is best for events that need a higher quality production and will have more than 6 presenters per session. This support is available for all Premium Webcasts, some additional options depending on where you plan to host your event:

In-Studio Events

Alford has permanent studios setup that our clients can use for their event in conjunction with one of our control rooms. Both studios include:

  • Downstage confidence monitors
  • Full LED lighting and audio packages
  • Fully staffed with a wide array of grip gear, camera support equipment and expendables – all in house
  • Large break room for craft services and meal prep.
  • Climate controlled studio centrally located in DFW metroplex and near DFW airport in a retreat style setting.
Studio A - Curved LED

Studio A

This studio comes as a well-equipped versatile space. Standard package includes:

  • 13’ x 34’ curved LED wall
  • Multi camera setup

For more information and Studio A images.

Studio B

This studio comes as a flexible space. Standard package includes:

  • 24’ Chroma Key Green Screen
  • Multi camera setup

For more information and Studio B images.

Hybrid Events

Our full studio space can be rented to host a small hybrid event with Studio A as the main presentation space. All features of the studios will be available for you to use.

On-Site Events

If you prefer to host your event at a venue of your choosing Alford Media will bring everything to you. Including:

  • All staff listed under Premium Webcast, and any additional staff needed depending on the size of the event.
  • Provide a custom equipment package, that includes production and webcasting technology, to best fit your event’s needs.
Hybrid Event

This option is also available for Hybrid events.

Remote Events

For events that will be hosted completely remotely we provide all staff listed under Premium Webcast and one of our control rooms to fully support your event. Our control rooms include:

  • Bandwidth for multiple web streams *Web stream capacity is dependent on your venue’s network bandwidth. We’ll work with you to test and make recommendations.
  • Presenter management system
  • Audio mixing services
  • Capability for multiple streaming sources
  • Speaker timer
  • Video playback and graphics capabilities

In addition, we provide our fully remote events with a robust comms system and custom show caller screen and management.

How Do These Services Compare?

A breakdown of all features available and what each service provides.

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