What is Alford Media Really Like?

What is Alford Media Really Like?

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By: An Alford Employee

Alford Media

The show is over, another rousing success, though not without its challenges. You pack up your laptop, say goodbye to the Alford crew, and you’re on your way to the next one. Or perhaps home for a minute. On the plane, you start to think about what took place during the show. The talent came in and…

…re-wrote the script and changed the shot selections.

…added 4 new slides to the power point.

…added an additional speaker, requiring an additional wireless mic set-up, plus an extra chair on the stage. Camera shots have to change.

…demanded a music change.

And it’s 30 minutes to doors. O.M.G.

Despite these last-minute hurdles, the crew handled all the changes without complaining and did it with a smile. You think to yourself, “That response from the crew was all for the show. There is no way they are that affable, that ready and willing to serve under difficult circumstances all the time. They were just doing their job, probably talking up a storm later about the talent demands, etc. I mean, I’ve worked with these people for years, and they always handled the curve balls with professionalism. But it’s got to be just an act for the client and producer. They’re smiling on the outside, but privately they want to yell and throw things. They can’t be this gracious all the time. Right?”

Well, I have worked at Alford Media for a long time, and I am pleased to inform you—just this once—that you are wrong. I can tell you that because I’ve experienced that selflessness and support firsthand.

Years ago I was a young, newly married Dad when I started working at Alford. I had a child. We didn’t have much back then. I came to work one day to a gift basket for my newborn son, full of diapers, clothes, gift cards, and other things. I had worked here less than a year. Many people didn’t even know me. It was a selfless act for a person many hardly knew. They treated me like family.

There have been moments during my tenure here when my personal life was rocky. Alford responded by giving me a place to stay when I needed it and encouraging me to repair my life. I was never shunned, and the help always came without a grumble or an ultimatum. I’m not sure my own family would afford me as much leash to get things right as Alford has. There are many people here who can tell you the similar stories. And no doubt, more to come.

As a company, Alford donates gear to several great charity events, such as Wish Night for Make-A-Wish, and Grace Gala. Over the years, the company has volunteered for programs like Meals on Wheels, Clean Up Coppell, and raised money for North Texas Food Bank, Toys for Tots, and many other organizations. The altruistic attitude was founded with the company, but the people who work here day in and day out have always represented the mindset of giving back and community.

The most humbling thing I have learned about the people who work at Alford is a sense of selflessness. Many (too many) times in my life I have known people in dire need. Often the need is greater than I can fill. Recently, I took a chance that others at Alford might be willing to help. Many hands make light work. I still marvel at the reaction I received, from employees at every level. I have never been around a group of people so willing to give away their time, talents, possessions and money for the sake of other people they often don’t know and will never meet. It is a strong lesson in humility for me to be able to help those who are less fortunate. That would not always be possible without the altruism of the people I work with. There are many more occasions I have gone to the Alford well on behalf of others over the years, and the bucket is always filled. I have thrown them curve balls, beach balls, and bowling balls. Yet they’ve handled all I’ve thrown at them without complaining and did it with a smile.


What you see is what you get. It isn’t just for the sake of the show. It’s simply what Alford represents. It’s an attitude and an ideal that I have come to know very well. After nearly 20 years, I think you can trust me on that.

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