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When it comes to setting the tone for your event, lighting is an essential element. Lighting influences mood and audience response, transforming your creative ideas into an immersive environment. Our lighting designers and production electricians have a wealth of knowledge and technical training they apply to every project, immersing rooms in the perfect hues and ensuring the technical challenges of lighting an event are properly recognized, approached and completed.

With regular reviews of our processes, we ensure the strategies and tactics used to successfully light events are improved and updated whenever possible. Our continual efforts to advance means our standards keep rising, providing the best approach to lighting for every one of our clients.

Alford’s Lighting Insights

COVID-19 Event Industry Response - Backstage Pass - Alford Media Podcast

April 24, 2020

How the Events Industry is Reacting to COVID-19

On this episode of Backstage Pass Tom Alford – Executive Vice President of Alford Media, Amber Jenkins – President of Snap! Event Productions and Paul Johnson – Founder of Paul Johnson, Inc. discuss how the events industry is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and how this will impact the industry going forward. READ MORE

Best Practices for Virtual Meetings - How to Get the Most Out of Your Meeting

April 17, 2020

Best Practices for Virtual Meetings – How to Get the Most Out of Your Meetings

In our last article, we shared some tips on how to look and sound your best in your virtual meetings. In this one, we have some best practices for holding your remote colleagues’ attention and ensuring a successful virtual meeting. READ MORE

Best Practices for Virtual Meetings - Look and Sound Your Best

April 14, 2020

Best Practices for Virtual Meetings – How to Look and Sound Your Best

As many companies have been transitioning to working remotely and working from home, virtual meetings have replaced most of our usual face to face time in the office. In an effort to make the best of our remote meetings we have some tips from our staff. READ MORE


Elevate Immersion with Real-Time Tracking and 3D Sound

February 26, 2020

Elevate Immersion with Real-Time Tracking and 3D Sound

Creating immersive spaces at events can include a wide variety of technologies and techniques. The BlackTrax system and the Astro Spatial Sara II processor bring opportunities for tracking presenters, objects in your content, and even attendees, creating memorable experiences that fully immerse those involved. READ MORE

Immersive Space with Custom Interactive System Featured

January 8, 2020

Immersive Interactive Space

Captivate your attendees and transport them somewhere else using an Immersive Interactive Space. Combining elements such as Absen LED panels, kinetic lighting, and our Custom Interactive System will allow for a new level of immersion for your attendees. READ MORE

Blake and Aaron LDI Podcast Featured

December 13, 2019

LDI 2019: New Lighting Innovations Are Upending The Event Tech Industry

The event technology industry is bursting with new technologies and innovations. Many new developments debuted at LDI 2019, the leading conference and trade show for live design professionals from all over the world. Blake Taylor and Aaron Walters discuss these new trends. READ MORE


More Insights

Project Management

Each member of our dedicated team of project managers bring a diverse background, skillset and knowledge base, with at least a decade of experience at their disposal, every part of the process of staging an event benefits from their presence.


We have a winning mix of experienced engineers, specialists, and technical directors that successfully execute projects from the simple and small to the large and complex with the same level of precision and attention to detail.


Our lighting designers and production electricians have a wealth of knowledge and technical training they apply to every project, immersing rooms in the perfect hues for any event.


Our audio team is ready to create the perfect soundscape to deliver your message. From basic and time-tested approaches to the latest line array technology, our teams have the experience and knowledge needed to deliver a flawless audio performance.


Our specialists are highly skilled in creating and deploying custom, complex LED designs. Our crews are especially experienced in converting systems and brands in order to maintain the integrity of the LED.


Whether you need to webcast your live event or have a completely virtual event we have the resources and capabilities to ensure a high-quality remote meeting experience for all your attendees. We also offer versatile webcasting studios to elevate any virtual presentation.

Visual Effects

When you need to add a sense of visual wonder to an event, we know what gets the job done. Our wide range of visual effects services will keep your audience awestruck and wanting to share their experience with others.

Participant Experience

We know that audience engagement is a necessary part of any event. We have the products and experience to keep your attendees’ attention on your content and help create a memorable experience to keep them coming back.