We have the resources and capabilities to ensure a high-quality audio and video experience whether you need to webcast your live event or have a completely virtual event. We have experience with a wide variety of live streaming services and platforms and can consult on the best service for you based on your event’s needs. In addition, we take several steps both in our process and with our online meeting software partners to add multiple levels of security to your event, preventing Zoombombing or unintended users.

For those looking for a completely virtual event, we have webcasting studios with multiple set options located at our office in North Dallas. These sets include, but are not limited to, green screen set, stage with versatile LED wall, and virtual environments. If you can’t make it to our studios, we can host your webcast remotely using one of our control rooms, as well as, develop graphics and virtual environments for your meeting and manage attendee engagement features, like Q&A or live polls. Our biggest differentiator in the webcasting space is that we bring the same level of service and quality you’re used to with your live events to your remote meetings.

Alford's Webcasting Insights

Live Streaming and Web Conferencing Services Guide

July 30, 2020

A Guide to Live Streaming and Web Conferencing Services for Events and Remote Meetings

We’ve created a guide that lists the most well-known live streaming and web conferencing services with a focus on the details most important for streaming virtual, live, and hybrid events.  READ MORE

Alford Media - Hybrid Event

July 22, 2020

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events allow for an in-person audience or in-person feel and an expanded reach via live streaming or web conferencing.  READ MORE

Alford Webcasting Studios and Control Rooms for Virtual Events

June 10, 2020

Alford Media Webcasting Studios and Remote Event Control Rooms

Whether you need a webcasting studio or to host your virtual event completely remotely, Alford Media has a variety of options for you to choose from when planning a webcast event. READ MORE


Alford Virtual Event System for Professional Online Events

May 20, 2020

Alford Virtual Event System for Professional Online Events

Our team and process give you the same level of professionalism and quality you’re used to at live events for your virtual events with the bandwidth for multiple web stream, a robust presenter management system, and capability for multiple streaming sources. READ MORE

Alford Media Presents Brothers Beckham Live Stream Concert - Webcasting Studio

May 11, 2020

Brothers Beckham Live Stream Concert

Alford Media presented a live stream concert for the band, Brothers Beckham. This was a high-energy music experience combining awesome music and creative technology.  READ MORE

Introducing Alford Media's Webcasting Studios

May 1, 2020

Introducing Alford Media’s Webcasting Studios

A special message from Alford Media and an introduction to our Webcasting Studios. See the many ways we can bring your virtual meeting to life!  READ MORE


More Insights

Project Management

Each member of our dedicated team of project managers bring a diverse background, skillset and knowledge base, with at least a decade of experience at their disposal, every part of the process of staging an event benefits from their presence.


We have a winning mix of experienced engineers, specialists, and technical directors that successfully execute projects from the simple and small to the large and complex with the same level of precision and attention to detail.


Our lighting designers and production electricians have a wealth of knowledge and technical training they apply to every project, immersing rooms in the perfect hues for any event.


Our audio team is ready to create the perfect soundscape to deliver your message. From basic and time-tested approaches to the latest line array technology, our teams have the experience and knowledge needed to deliver a flawless audio performance.


Our specialists are highly skilled in creating and deploying custom, complex LED designs. Our crews are especially experienced in converting systems and brands in order to maintain the integrity of the LED.


Whether you need to webcast your live event or have a completely virtual event we have the resources and capabilities to ensure a high-quality remote meeting experience for all your attendees. We also offer versatile webcasting studios to elevate any virtual presentation.

Visual Effects

When you need to add a sense of visual wonder to an event, we know what gets the job done. Our wide range of visual effects services will keep your audience awestruck and wanting to share their experience with others.

Participant Experience

We know that audience engagement is a necessary part of any event. We have the products and experience to keep your attendees’ attention on your content and help create a memorable experience to keep them coming back.