Why You Need Two Projectors for One Screen

Why You Need Two Projectors for One Screen

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By Bill Brady, Manager of Video Services, Alford Media Services

A great event stands out from the rest because producers pay attention to the details — from the type of venue down to the graphics used and it’s important they can trust their technical staff on equipment decisions and pixel calculations for projectors. Experienced projectionists not only know what type of projectors work best for specific events, but they also know how to properly use them.

ProjectorFor example, take the concept of stacking projectors. Some producers may question the need to double stack projectors, wondering if this will actually improve the image on the screen.

The simple answer is: Yes, it absolutely will.

Double stacking your projectors can not only increase brightness (lumens), but it can also improve an image’s crispness and clarity to match different screens, LED displays, or monitors used at the event.

“The end result is a fully immersed and truly impressed audience.”

Why is this important?

Quite simply, the first aspect of an event that people notice is the big screen, not necessarily the presenter. The presenter is completely dwarfed by the screen, and attendees tend to notice the biggest thing in the room. This is why it’s critical producers understand how properly stacking projectors can turn their show into an unforgettable experience.

How Does Double Stacking Work?

If you aren’t completely familiar with how double stacking can improve image quality and brightness, it’s really straightforward.

When an 18,000 lumen projector illuminates a screen and then a second 18,000 lumen projector is turned on next to it, together they produce 36,000 lumens. In all, the increase in lumens adds up to roughly a 70 percent light increase. That’s significant.

Of course, the type of projectors used matter when trying to double stack them. Some devices can be a bit easier to stack than others, which makes it particularly important that producers discuss their technical goals well before their event. However, unless you want to use small boardroom projectors, you will more than likely be able to stack the advanced projectors used most commonly at events.

Double stacking projectors isn’t necessarily easy, but what part of putting on an event is? By investing in the additional projectors and paying attention to the details, planners can ensure their events are a hit. Double stacking is just one way to ensure your success is crystal clear.

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