Why You Should Use One Vendor for All of Your Event Tech Needs

Why You Should Use One Vendor for All of Your Event Tech Needs

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BackstageThe technical considerations of an event – lighting, audio, and video – are vitally important to its success. However, these considerations are one of many that producers are tasked with managing. We know how difficult it can be to efficiently handle all the technical pieces of an event, with potential issues ranging from budget concerns to logistical problems and creating a cohesive sense of identity between audio, video and lighting elements.

With all the challenges involved, some producers may consider using separate vendors for those three major technical elements – especially when lower costs and perceived convenience play a role. However, working with multiple companies comes with a number of possible drawbacks. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using one vendor for all of your event tech needs.

“A continuing partnership with the right event tech company ensures a baseline of high quality.”

Managing Expectations and Logistics
Partnering with more than one event technology company can mean more work for producers. Instead of having a true one-to-one partnership, where the event tech business handles all aspects of the systems involved, you’ll have to work with two, three or more companies. That means developing working relationships with each one and paying attention to any potential issues before they turn into full-blown, serious problems. It also means some degree of coordination between the different groups falls on your shoulders.

It’s definitely worth considering the potential for multiple companies to be less than fully integrated once the event starts. Discrepancies between audio, visual and lighting efforts can slow setup and rehearsals. Imagine all of these components being developed by three separate entities. Their timing for setup and priorities may all be different, which means either you or your technical director have to more closely manage their work or hope they can resolve setup and timing issues on their own. While their professionalism enables them to work well with other outside vendors, it still takes more time to develop new working relationships and to plan their implementations to run seamlessly together.

Often if instead, you have one event tech company for all technical areas of the event, each department can work together on a strategy prior to the event and walk in on a load-in day with a well-organized and agreed upon execution plan.

Consistency, Knowledge, and Expertise
Working with one event technology company makes it easier to assess the quality of their work, build relationships with account coordinators and technical staff and much more. When both sides have a strong understanding of each other, they can cooperate more productively and with better end results. Whether you host multiple events or one major conference each year, a single, developed relationship is far more valuable than constant coordination efforts with a variety of changing tech companies filling individual roles. Your partner will have a strong understanding of your company’s goals, mission, and standards for events. When you find a company whose technology, expertise and work are up to your standards, continuing a partnership with them ensures a baseline of high quality for each and every event.

Organizational knowledge is another important consideration to make. Working with a different event tech company each time necessitates dealing with a wide variety of experience and knowledge levels. Basing your decision on price, you may partner with a company to provide lighting for one event and have few if any problems. But there’s no guarantee the next company you select will have the same level of knowledge or ability. A technical malfunction or lack of organizational understanding has a major, negative influence on the appearance of an event. While lighting is a great example because of the immediate visual impact it has on events, similarly, serious issues can arise with audio and visual components as well.

A single partner for your event tech needs is a more holistic and fruitful approach for a majority of events rather than working with multiple vendors, especially when cost is the primary consideration instead of quality. With a knowledgeable and highly skilled partner managing the technical aspects of every event you host, you position it for success.



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