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Show Site Solutions

One Show, One Team

We are more than just the gear we use. We offer solutions to our clients, whatever their needs may be whether it's projection mapping across multiple screens, perfecting sound in a vaulted glass space, or creating a hologram effect at an outdoor event. Our team has the freedom to make on-site snap decisions. There is no red-tape. This allows us to move quickly and efficiently. We take a collaborative approach to crewing each show to guarantee the right team for your event. Our people love what they do which shows in their expertise, attitude, and teamwork. The result is technically superior corporate meetings, trade shows, intimate conferences and other special events for all our partners without the headache.

Project Management

Challenges Welcome

Our project managers have extensive insight into the staging business and years of experience in technical design. Services they offer range from pre-production including site surveys and Vectorworks drawings to onsite crew management and show execution. They anticipate any challenges that might occur on any given show at any venue. They come prepared with contingency plans and offer the right solutions for the inevitable changes and surprises that happen on site. Their ultimate job – bring the client’s vision to life.


Supreme Support

We stay competitive in our audio division by always keeping a wide variety of equipment in our inventory from the most basic system to the latest line array technology and we excel in RF-Comms. We ensure that our engineers gain practical experience, training on gear, and, most importantly, we keep a large depth of talent available. One of our biggest differentiators is that we’re proactive rather than reactive. We're professional anticipators. We package our gear with everything that may be needed on a show.


Winning Differences

Anyone can buy the gear, but our people have the experience that allows us to provide the brightest, clearest images you’ve ever seen. Our people are as detail oriented with a one-screen breakout room as they are with the most complex general session, and they’re masters when it comes to widescreen projection. We have video engineers, projectionists, and technical directors that have been with us for many years and that large group of long time employees gives us an advantage. They know what it takes to work as a team and accomplish a common goal and their attention to detail really puts them miles above the rest. They continually strive to give clients what they want and often go beyond, showing them something new and better than they could imagine.


The Right Solutions

Our lighting designers are experts at painting the room and transforming any space. With the combination of technical training and decades of practical experience, our lighting designers​ and production electricians are incredibly flexible and efficient in overcoming obstacles on rapid show changes. We have some of the top talent in the industry representing Alford. They come from all different areas of the entertainment industry, giving us vast perspectives and experience when approaching any project. Our quality of processes are always being updated and improved upon. We take input from both our staff and clients to continually keep striving for an even better show.

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