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In a field where technology and gear are widely available, how does an event technology company set itself apart? With a wealth of experience, a singular focus and purpose, a constantly growing knowledge base, and an overall commitment to excellence. We offer our clients more than an inflexible plan with an acceptable result as the end goal. Alford sends experienced, cohesive teams into the field, with professionals empowered to make the right decisions in the moment to fully realize your vision for an event.

Whether that means creating the perfect sound environment in a vaulted glass space or ensuring a hologram appears exactly as it should at an outdoor event, our specialists have the experience, teamwork and knowledge to execute each and every task we face. Our collaborative approach to crewing, regular training with the latest gear and steadfast commitment to professionalism means technical superiority for corporate meetings, trade shows, intimate conferences and other special events for all of our partners - without any hassle or last-minute worries.

Project Management

Alford takes a holistic approach to live events, with audio, visual and lighting elements occupying major roles and our project managers sitting at the center. With at least a decade of experience at the disposal of every single project manager - supplemented by regular training and education - every part of the process of staging a live event benefits from their presence. From work before the show, like site surveys and technical design, to managing crew onsite and ensuring shows are successfully executed, our project managers are ready for the task.

With plenty of experience and specific pre-planning work in hand for each event, our project managers can both follow the plan and anticipate, react and resolve any complications or emerging issues. Carrying your goals as their primary mission, our project managers work tirelessly to make your vision for your event a reality.


Having the right mix of knowledge and experience available throughout an event means the difference between a small problem that's quickly fixed and the entire event potentially getting derailed. When it comes to audio, our team is ready to create the perfect acoustic atmosphere before the conference starts and resolve any emerging issues during it, no matter the specific gear used or the event's budget. From more basic and time-tested approaches to the latest line array technology from Martin Audio and digital consoles from Digico, our teams have the experience, knowledge and cohesiveness needed to truly function as a unit and make sure everything goes smoothly. With experience on our side, a deep talent pool and regular training for sound engineers, we're professional anticipators.

Our gear is always custom packaged with backups, replacement parts and any other pieces that might be needed for your show. RF comms are put in place before events start to facilitate easy communication in the moment, keeping speedy resolutions behind the scenes and maintaining focus on the event itself. Meticulous pre-planning means we're ready for everything.


Great, cutting-edge gear is only as good as the people who operate it. Alford has a winning mix of experienced video engineers, video specialists, and technical directors that successfully execute projects from the small to the especially large and complex. They use projectors, LED, broadcast cameras and camera switchers across a number of standard setups and specialties, including projection, widescreen and single screen to multiscreen.

They’re comfortable taking on every facility, from a boardroom to a large arena. Experience and training mean our team is ready to take on unique facility layouts, innovative designs for breakout rooms and general sessions, widescreen projection and any other standard or special request. No matter the approach, effect, style or result desired, we can realize it.

Attention to detail, collective experience working together and an intimate knowledge of visual equipment and how it interacts with a space means our experts deliver results that go above baseline expectations. By focusing on a common goal with a drive for perfection, our teams deliver visual elements that strengthen and support a live event instead of simply making an appearance.


Lighting is an essential element when it comes to setting the tone for your live event. Lighting influences mood and audience response, transforming the neutral walls of a facility into part of the event experience. Our lighting designers and production electricians have a wealth of knowledge and technical training they apply to every project, bathing rooms in the perfect hues and ensuring the technical challenges of lighting an event are properly recognized, approached and completed. We have available conventional and automated lighting and new LED technology alongside a full rigging inventory and the latest lighting consoles.

No matter the project, our team can draw on its diverse array of experiences to do more than a satisfactory job - they create environments that exceed expectations in every instance. With regular reviews of our approaches and processes, we ensure the strategies and tactics used to successfully light events are improved and updated whenever possible. Our continual efforts to improve means our standards keep rising, providing the best approach to lighting possible for every one of our clients.

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