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In a field where technology and gear are widely available, how does an event technology company set itself apart? With a wealth of experience, a vast and consistently growing innovative inventory, and an overall commitment to excellence, Alford Media sends experienced, cohesive teams into the field with custom gear packages, empowered to make the right decisions in the moment to fully realize your vision for an event.

Whether that means creating the perfect sound environment in a vaulted glass space with the latest line-array, or ensuring precision 4K projection mapping on a historical building using Barco’s UDX-4K32 laser projectors, our specialists have the experience, teamwork and knowledge to execute each and every task we face. Our collaborative approach to crewing, regular training with the latest gear, and steadfast commitment to professionalism means technical superiority for corporate meetings, trade shows, intimate conferences, and other special events for all of our clients and partners.

Project Management

Each member of our dedicated team of project managers bring a diverse background, skillset and knowledge base, with at least a decade of experience at their disposal, every part of the process of staging an event benefits from their presence.


We have a winning mix of experienced engineers, specialists, and technical directors that successfully execute projects from the simple and small to the large and complex with the same level of precision and attention to detail.


Our lighting designers and production electricians have a wealth of knowledge and technical training they apply to every project, immersing rooms in the perfect hues for any event.


Our audio team is ready to create the perfect soundscape to deliver your message. From basic and time-tested approaches to the latest line array technology, our teams have the experience and knowledge needed to deliver a flawless audio performance.


Our specialists are highly skilled in creating and deploying custom, complex LED designs. Our crews are especially experienced in converting systems and brands in order to maintain the integrity of the LED.


Whether you need to webcast your live event or have a completely virtual event we have the resources and capabilities to ensure a high-quality remote meeting experience for all your attendees. We also offer versatile webcasting studios to elevate any virtual presentation.

Visual Effects

When you need to add a sense of visual wonder to an event, we know what gets the job done. Our wide range of visual effects services will keep your audience awestruck and wanting to share their experience with others.

Participant Experience

We know that audience engagement is a necessary part of any event. We have the products and experience to keep your attendees’ attention on your content and help create a memorable experience to keep them coming back.

Making an event an experience

LED Wall Event
LED Wall Event
Unveiling Event
Unveiling Event
Custom Projection Mapping
Custom Projection Mapping
Projection Mapping
Projection Mapping
In The Round Screens
In The Round Screens
In The Round LED
In The Round LED
In the Round – Double sided projection
In the Round – Double sided projection
Breakout Room
Breakout Room

“As always it made me smile to see burgundy in the room when I arrived.”

“The Alford equipment is awesome, and the crew they provide always exceeds my expectations.”

“The crew, the gear and the entire experience from start to finish was absolutely first class.”

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More Insights

Featured employees

Ryan O’Rourke

Associate Developer

From: Keller, Texas

In the industry: Almost 3 and a half years

Favorite thing about this industry: This is typically the answer, but seeing the finished product. The scale of the shows we do is amazing and knowing the process it took to get there is even better.

Favorite Musician: It’s a tie between Razihel and Vexare.

Coolest Place You’ve Ever Been: I don’t travel a lot, but probably Pikes Peak. The drive up was amazing and the view from the top is beautiful.

Favorite Book: Anything by Rick Riordan.

Hobbies Include: Anything that has wheels and a motor. Talking about it, working on it, learning more about it. Riding bikes. In the past, BMX, but most recently, mountain biking. Coding.

Inspired by: People who have done well in my areas of interest. They make me want to do my best and accomplish the things they have accomplished.

Daniel Bueno

Asset Management Specialist

From: I was born in Albuquerque, NM and raised in Jacksonville, FL.

In the industry: 6 years

Favorite thing about this industry: I love diagnostics and improvisation. There’s always a pre-existing structure and then all the changes require A/V technicians to think on their feet really quickly.

Favorite Musician: I really like African diaspora as a generality. I like a lot of roots Reggae, Church gospel, Jazz, Cuban Son and Timba, Dominican Merengue, and traditional West African music (Guinea, Mali, Ivory Coast). I really love the rhythmic complexity of these genres.

Hobbies Include: Music, Cycling, Backpacking, and Coffee and Herbs

Inspired by: Seeing people act from a compassionate place. When I see people working really hard, finding ways to be efficient, and putting others in a position to be successful, it forces me to think of ways in which I might do the same. I really feel most comfortable when I engage in that sort of behavior and I really like it when the role models in my vicinity push me in that direction.

Robert Bennett

Project Manager

From: Watauga, Texas

In the industry: 15 years

Favorite thing about this industry: The people

Favorite Musician: Waylon Jennings

Coolest Place You’ve Ever Been: Brazil

Favorite Superhero: My wife

Would be played in a movie by: Clearly Samuel L Jackson, since John Wayne isn’t around! I have no idea truly.

Favorite Hobby: Hunting

Inspired by: My Co-workers

Shawn Lunsford

Video Service Technician

From: I’m a Navy Brat…I moved around a lot. San Diego, Virginia, Hawaii but ended up here in Texas around the 4th grade.

In the industry: I’ve been with Alford since 1/21/01 but ran sound for bands and went to school for recording in the 90’s.

Favorite thing about this industry: The technology.

Favorite Musician: Entirely too many to name. Depends on my mood.

Coolest Place You’ve Ever Been: The top of Mount Haleakala on Maui.

Favorite Book: To kill a Mockingbird. Boo Radley is my dude.

Hobbies Include: Playing Guitar, Recording, Carpentry, and Wakeboarding.

Inspired by: The feeling of reward after accomplishment.